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The odyssey of Julian Assange,
WikiLeaks editor,
as told by witnesses to its history.

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The Assange Odysseia adventure began with a simple question:

"Who is Julian Assange ?"

We soon found that his story was forgotten or evaporated into controversy. But it seems to us that it raises questions about the limits of our democracies...

Thanks to the WikiLeaks media platform, crimes of war, torture and corruption have become public knowledge. This work of transparency is now depriving Julian Assange of his freedom.

Through this Forum, we are inviting the public to investigate with us, to discern the facts from the fantasies, and to understand the reasons behind the disinformation or support for him.

We invite you to immerse yourself in the journey of the last twelve years: from the journalistic and political project of WikiLeaks with Collateral Murder, to the judicial persecution of its editor Julian Assange, via the denunciation of psychological torture against him by the United Nations Special Rapporteur on Torture, Nils Melzer, to the observation of a malaise at the heart of our democracies.

To do this, we have asked direct and indirect witnesses to the story of Julian Assange, experts on philosophical, legal and journalistic issues whom we meet, and we are calling on the public to help us prepare the questions to ask them and the interventions to be made at the heart of the Forum.

Our Odyssey is divided into four acts. It concludes with an open epilogue. Julian has not yet returned to Ithaca.

Not having followed Homer to the letter, we have proposed a resolution between general and individual narratives in an attempt to answer these questions.

Who is Julian?

What is his story?

What does he tell us about ourselves and our collective history?

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« When the Assange Odysseia team approached us at the beginning of the season, we immediately grasped the relevance of the questions it raised.

Beyond a partisan debate, the Assange case inevitably brings us back to a societal choice.
Our theatres are where stories are developed, where the impetus and openings for imagining and questioning our commitments as citizens are initiated.

Our two theatres are joining forces to offer you an impromptu series of meetings, workshops and forums and to try to identify what does he tell us about ourselves and our collective history. »

Renaud Herbin, director of the TJP CDN Strasbourg &
Stanislas Nordey, director of the Théâtre National de Strasbourg

December 2022